About us

Our Background

Launched in 2012 by Abeer Khader Al Naser,

ArchInterior is an interdisciplinary design studio, operating from Bahrain and spreading its wings across the region and beyond. ArchInterior stands for ‘architecture’ and ‘interior’ blended together – conveying our expertise in both disciplines. We design and build residential and commercial interiors, as well as exteriors. We provide customised home furnishing and offer landscaping services. We directly import European-made high quality fabrics and furniture – be it designed or custom-built –as an exclusive agent and supplier of some of the most luxurious brands for Bahrain, KSA, Qatar, and UAE.

In whatever we do, we make the most of our unparalleled artistic capabilities and systematic attention to details – not to mention an extra asset in the form of Vision’s expertise as a regional leader in construction services.

Exceeding client’s expectations is our sole purpose. Our hand-picked team consists of some seriously talented artistes who always go out of their way to deliver something absolutely unique. ArchInterior is a place where creativity knows no limits.

Designer – Trendsetter – Entrepreneur

The interior designer finds natural beauty in every aspect of physical environment or structure, playing up the most subtle details and yet, ensuring maximum functionality.

Abeer Khader Al Naser goes one step further. Her designs are out-of-the-box and mind-blowing, with end results that strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and comfort. Her work is a mixture of fresh ideas and meticulous attention to the client’s expectations. Her designs are tasteful, sophisticated, glamorous, and never boring.

A double-major graduate from Jordan University of Science and Technology, Abeer had focused all her energy on letting the world know about her special talents as an architect and interior designer.

After two successful years, the next logical step was to grow further. The ArchInterior was born, which gave Abeer the full control over her creations, from design, to manufacturing, to the final touches. ThroughArchInterior’s projects, her artistic vision blooms in its entirety – much to her clients’ delight.

With her determination and persuasive communication skills, Abeer has almost singlehandedly made ArchInterior what it is now – a key regional player for interior and exterior design as well as luxury fabrics distribution.